Brixly Domain Reseller - Module Update

We have received a number of reports in relation to issues with the extraction of our Domain Reseller module, which we have narrowed down to an issue with the naming convention used in the module itself. 

As such, the Domain Reseller module has now been updated to 'Brixly', rather than the previous 'Brixly Domain Reseller v2'.

Anyone using the previous version of the module will not need to update, and the previous version will continue to work as expected. 

Brixly Central - Centralised Account Management for Resellers

We are incredibly pleased to confirm we have given our much-loved 'Brixly Central' a complete makeover, with some incredible enhancements and new tools to improve centralised management of your hosting accounts!

For those of you who haven't had the benefit of using the Brixly Central section of our client area just yet, this is a purpose-built facility that has been designed to simplify the management of either a single reseller account or multiple reseller accounts, potentially spanning multiple data centres or control panels. 

To simplify - it's a clear and central view into all of your hosting accounts, regardless of how many reseller accounts you have with us!

We are incredibly proud of the changes we have introduced over the past few days! We think it's looking incredible! 

  • Vastly improved user interface
  • One-Click Login
  • Edit username / domain for an account
  • Resource Boost+ for cPanel and DirectAdmin
  • Purchase Workspace for any account

Improved User Interface

As you can see from the above, we have now provided a single interface, showing you your total number of hosting accounts, total amount of disk space, and the total number of 'inodes' (or, files!). In addition, we also now show you if there are any active abuse cases raised against any of those accounts...

In addition, we now show a breakdown of hosting accounts in each 'location' (for those of you unaware, we sell reseller hosting services in the UK, USA, Germany and Singapore). The screen shows a clear 'count' of hosting accounts in each location...

Note: Did you know? You are able to sell hosting accounts in multiple countries by purchasing a reseller plan in your preferred locations?

Next, you are able to see the core of the solution - your hosting accounts list...

From here, you can see that we provide the core information required for the account, such as its location, the server the account is hosted on (and the IP address allocated to that account), along with some usage statistics, such as the storage quota. 

Above, you can see the quota highlighted in red, which is an indication the usage exceeds the 'recommended' amount (at which point, its likely its in breach of fair usage terms). 

You also have the facility to search the accounts, as well as 'sort' by each of the table columns (for example, sort by the account quota / size, or sort by server name). 

You can also see the accounts 'Status' (whether or not the account is currently in a suspended state, along with the suspension reason). 

One-Click Login

We have now added a 'one click' login to any of the accounts, which is supported both on DirectAdmin and cPanel. To login to any of the hosting accounts, click 'Manage', then select 'Login to Control Panel' from the menu provided...

In addition, you can also click the 'logo' on the left hand side of the account, which performs the same action. 

Purchase Resource Boost+

We are very pleased to announce that we now support Resource Boost+ purchases for cPanel and DirectAdmin!

For many months, this functionality has only been available to those using cPanel, whereas the new centralised interface has given us the ability to expand this offering to those making use of DirectAdmin. 

To purchase a Resource Boost+ for any cPanel or DirectAdmin account, first select 'Manage', then select 'Purchase Resource Boost+' from the menu...

For more information on our Resource Boost+ service, click here.

Purchase Brixly Workspace (plus Automated Migration!)

We have now added a new option to the Central Manager, allowing you to purchase Brixly Workspace plans for any of the accounts with a single click! 

In addition, we have built an automated background process that migrates the contents of your accounts mailboxes over to the new platform!

For more information on Brixly Workspace, click here

Edit an Accounts Username or Domain

For any of you who have requested these changes through support, you will be aware that modification of an account is intentionally restricted in your WHM. There are a number of security reasons behind this, however, to circumvent that we have now provided you with a facility to make these changes straight from our client area!

You are now able to modify the username or the domain name for any particular account on cPanel (DirectAdmin isn't yet available, but will be available as soon as possible!). 

To modify the username or domain of any cPanel account, click the 'Manage' option, then select 'Edit Username / Domain' from the provided menu...

Once you have selected this option, you will be presented with the following screen, which allows you to make the required changes to the account...

We are just getting started! 

If you have any questions about the new functionality, feel free to reach out to us on!

Domain Auto Renewals - Important Update

Please note, that until now all domains purchased through us have had the default status for Auto Renewals set to 'Enabled', meaning that we would automatically invoice for domains before expiry.

We have now changed this setting so that the default is now 'Disabled'. This means that by default, all domains purchased from this point forward, will not automatically be set to auto-renew. 

You are still able to enable the auto-renewal for any domain from within our client area. You are also still able to see an overview of the domains 'auto renewal' status from within the 'Domains -> My Domains' screen, similar to the following...

To manage the auto-renewal status for a domain, simply select the domain, then go to 'Auto-Renew' from the right-hand menu...

From here, you can manage the auto-renewal status for a particular domain...

If the flag is set to 'On', then an invoice will be raised automatically prior to renewal. 

What was the reason for the change?

Many of the domains sold through our systems are resold through our 'Domain Reseller' module for WHMCS. 

However, a number of clients have quite rightly raised that regardless of whether a domain is renewed via the API, we still raise a renewal for the domain automatically due to the above setting, rather than 'selectively' based on whether we receive a renewal request via the API. 

As such, the change ensures that you have far greater control over the renewal status of domains, with a more explicit action to set the flag. 

How does this affect the domain reseller module?

As mentioned above, before this change we would automatically raise invoices for all domains, rather than those explicitly renewed through the API. 

Now, the domain renewals take place only at the point your clients opt to renew via your own WHMCS, rather than us 'presuming' all should renew automatically. 

You can also provide your clients with the ability to manage their domain auto-renewal status from within your own client area using WHMCS. 

Does this affect existing domains registered with Brixly?

No. Existing domains have not been affected by the change. Any domains which previously had the auto-renewal set to Enabled will remain enabled (and vice-versa). 

The change is only applicable to new registrations from the point of this post. 

Status Page Improvements (+ Incident Notifications)

We have made some important changes and improvements to our status page, which includes a number of benefits...

Real-time status updates

Our status page now shows in real-time if a service is offline or online, based on our own monitoring facilities built in-house. The endpoint being monitored on all servers is a WordPress installation, which is checked every 10 seconds for outages. 

If an outage is present, the related service/component will be marked accordingly (for example, as 'Partial Outage' if it appears to be down via the automatic checks).


We have now built our own custom processes to deal with outages and alerts. Previously, we had the ability to 'subscribe' to incidents for a particular component or server, however, this proved ineffective as those who had not yet subscribed, would not be notified. This concept was flawed, so we have decided to build our own solution.

Now, if we raise an incident for a particular server, all clients on that server will be informed automatically, and near-instantly. In addition, you will receive notifications of updates to a particular incident, ensuring you are in the loop of any maintenance work or outages which are being worked on by the team. 

The email address used will be the primary email address of the Brixly account that owns that particular service.

Website Improvements / UX Enhancements

We have been working on making some small, but significant changes to make navigating our website simpler, and more intuitive. 

The main menu has had a slight overhaul, with minor changes to the navigational structure, and improved buttons through to our client area, and support. 

We have removed a number of the 'floating widgets' which we believe were a little invasive, as well as some additional minor changes to product layout. 

In addition, we have added a 'Live Chat' option, which now shows the chat box (rather than the previously intrusive 'popup' that was shown in the bottom-right)...

In addition, we have improved our navigation, which we felt was too 'bulky' and if anything, over-informative for a menu item.

The product selections are now far simpler and more intuitive. We have also clearly outlined the existing offers applicable to each product...

On our product pages, we have also made clear 'promotion' boxes which apply to the selected service (as opposed to the 'floating' item that appeared on each page)...

Important: Credit / Debit Card Processing Changes - Update

First and foremost, the team and I would love to wish you an amazing Christmas, and if we aren't in touch before then, an incredible new year!

We wanted to provide you with an important update that affects any credit/debit card payments that were previously being paid via WorldPay FuturePay agreements. We know it's a chaotic period, but we really would appreciate your time to review the rest of this email, to ensure any changes required have been made to avoid any disruption to your hosting facilities.

Until now, we have accepted credit and debit card payments through our partners at WorldPay, using a facility called 'FuturePay Agreements'. Whilst we have built a fantastic, long-standing relationship with WorldPay, we do feel their solution is somewhat outdated and restricted in a number of ways causing complications in areas which we completely understand, shouldn't be complex!

As such, we have partnered with Stripe as our new merchant provider, who will handle credit and debit card payments moving forward.

This brings a wealth of benefits to you as a client, upfront and foremost a significantly more intuitive and self-managed approach to making payments.

Around 2 weeks ago, we posted an update to inform clients that we were planning to phase out our previous payment gateway...

We have made the decision since evaluating Stripe over the past few weeks that its capabilities from a payment processing perspective have some significant advantages to those presented with the WorldPay Futurepay agreements we have used for some time.

As such, we have gone ahead and updated all accounts and services which were using the WorldPay FuturePay agreements for Credit / Debit card payments, to the new card gateway.

If you have previously paid via WorldPay, to avoid any potential disruption to service we would strongly encourage that you login to our client area, and add a new card to your account with us. In addition, we would also recommend that you remove any previous WorldPay FuturePay agreements also.

We will no longer be accepting payments via WorldPay, and therefore any previous FuturePay agreements will be no longer in use.

This can now be entirely managed from our client area...

Client Area -> Billing -> Payment Methods

Once you have done this, it is essential that you also change your 'Default Payment Method', which will be applicable for all future invoices / services and renewals. This should now be set to the new card.

To do this, you will need to edit the 'Payment Method' set against your 'Profile'...

From the dropdown provided, ensure you have selected the appropriate option (if paying via Credit / Debit Card, select that option above).

Once you have done the above, all future payments will be taken from the new card, as opposed to the WorldPay FuturePay agreement.

Please note: PayPal payments and Direct Debit Payments (paid via GoCardless) are not affected. This is only applicable if you pay via WorldPay / Credit / Debit Card.

If you have any questions in relation to the above, feel free to reach out to our sales and billing team directly at for more assistance.

Lastly, and most importantly, keep safe throughout the Christmas period, but enjoy every minute!

Warmest regards,

Dennis Nind, Brixly

Virtual / Cloud Servers - IPv4 Allocations

Due to the decrease in IPv4 availability, and the RIPE shortage we have decided to remove the facility for secondary IP addresses for our VPS and Cloud services. 

All Virtual Servers / Cloud Servers will be provisioned with a single IPv4 address only. 

Apache Log4J/CVE-2021-44228

As you may know a zero-day exploit was recently announced for the Apache Log4J Library which allows the execution of arbitrary code (CVE-2021-44228).

After reviewing our services we've determined the only service affected by this is the Dovecot-Solr service used on a couple of our cPanel servers, this service was patched immediately as we became aware of the vulnerability.

Our DirectAdmin services don't make use of any services that are affected by this and our VPS infrastructure runs through Proxmox which is not written in Java.

Brixly Workspace - Automated Migration for Resellers

We are pleased to announce that we have built an automated process, which now allows you to purchase a Brixly Workspace plan for any existing cPanel account under your reseller hosting service. 

Once you purchase the Brixly Workspace product through this method, we will then automate the process of copying / transferring the mail data from the shared / reseller service, over to the new Workspace completely automatically!

To purchase Brixly Workspace for an existing cPanel account under your reseller hosting service, go to...

Brixly Client Area -> Reseller Tools -> Central Account Manager

From here, you will be able to select from the dropdown the option 'Purchase Brixly Workspace'...

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