Reseller Elite - Module Update and SSO Fix

We have now published a new version of our Elite module, which fixes an issue with the cPanel 'SSO' appearing within the client area of your WHMCS for reseller products. 

We have also added translation capability to the SSO option, along with integration to the Lagom theme. 

You can download the new version of the module from the following link under the 'Integrations' section...

Steps on how to install the Elite module can be found here...

Firewall Manager - Unblock IP Address now Live

Due to popular demand through our feedback portal, we have now added a 'Firewall Manager' to our client area allowing you to whitelist IP addresses from BitNinja. 

The original feature request can be found here...

The new functionality can now be found within the following menu items...

Client Area -> Main Menu -> Firewall Manager
Client Area -> Main Menu -> Support -> Unblock an IP Address

Firewall Manager: 

To whitelist an IP Address, simply enter the IP address in the provided field, and also provide a brief explanation as to why the IP address needs to be whitelisted. 

Once you click 'Whitelist IP Address', the IP address will be whitelisted immediately. 

Please note, you are only able to whitelist a maximum of 10 IP addresses.  

The following help article has been added in relation to the new functionality...

CrossBox Branding for Resellers

We are pleased to announce that we have now licenced CrossBox with branding capabilities, so you are now able to brand CrossBox under your reseller plan.

More information on how this works can be found here...

How to enable a custom brand for CrossBox:

The first step is to create an e-mail address (replace with your actual domain name). If you already have it, then make sure you also have the password.

The next step is to log in with to CrossBox.

In the side-navigation (drawer) navigate to Admin -> Branding and click the ADD fab button in the bottom-right corner.


IMPORTANT: Make sure that the domains listed in the Host and SMTP/IMAP/POP3 fields have either CNAME or A record pointing to the server.

After you click SAVE, CrossBox will check for a CNAME/A record, and if the check fails, you'll get an error message: hosts do not have CNAME or A record for or

Sometimes there may be a cached DNS response so you may want to wait before trying again, especially if you added the DNS record afterwards.

After you save the branding profile, you'll be able to access the branded version by using Host for webmail and SMTP/IMAP/POP3 for other mail clients.

High Resource Usage / LVE - Notifications

We are pleased to confirm that we have now enabled LVE / Resource Usage notifications on all of our servers. 

This functionality was requested through our feedback portal...

We have created the following article explaining the LVE notifications here...

Who will be notified?
If you are a shared hosting client, you will be informed by email directly

If you are a reseller, you will be informed of the LVE faults for any of the sites directly by email which will come from

This email will outline the number of 'faults' (the number of times the LVE has been hit), along with the accounts affected.

Please note, that for the benefit of white-labelling, we do not at present send notifications to your customers directly.

How often will I be notified?
We will send usage alerts for any accounts hitting their LVE limits every 12 hours.

How many LVE faults need to be reported before I am notified?
As some of the LVE restrictions only 'slow down' a site, as opposed to taking a site entirely offline we don't notify for every individual fault.

Instead, we send notifications if an account exceeds its limits more than 100 times spanning the 12 hour period.

If you have any additional feedback, feel free to pop us a reply over on our feedback page for this particular feature request...

Memcached - Now available on all servers

We are pleased to announce that all shared / reseller servers now have Memcached available as standard, which can be used within Litespeed for further performance improvements.

How to set up Object Cache Support

LSCWP doesn’t provide object caching directly. Rather, it supports your use of an external object cache such as Memcached.

Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > Cache and scroll down to Object Cache. (Make sure you are in Advanced View, or the Object Cache settings will not be visible.) 

NOTE: In the imminent LSCWP v1.8.4, Object Cache settings are moving to a new tab. If you are running v1.8.4+, please Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > Advanced to access the following settings.

Object Cache is disabled by default. Select ON to enable it and then configure it via the settings, as described below.


Choose Memcached if using Memcached

Host and Port

These settings refer to the hostname (or IP address) and port number used by your object cache. The default values of localhost and 11211 should work fine.

Improved Status Page with Alerting

We have introduced a new status page, which now allows you to subscribe to important updates or announcements regarding maintenance or service disruptions. 

You are able to subscribe to all updates or just those specific to your service...


We have also implemented a widget to our live chat, which will show real-time network status issues...

We hope that this change will allow us to improve communication overall in regards to network status changes and maintenance moving forward. 

Please note that you will not be spammed when you subscribe - we will only send emails when we submit updates manually to our status page, as opposed to any minor outage alerts (for this, you can use your own monitoring system).

Our old network status page can still be found here

WordPress Toolkit for cPanel - Now released!

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the WordPress Toolkit for cPanel, available immediately on all cPanel servers.

Please note that the free tier is available immediately, with plans to introduce the WordPress Toolkit Deluxe within the next few days, as it requires some implementation and development work on our end. 

The following features are included free of charge for all accounts...

To join in the discussion regarding the upcoming WordPress Toolkit Deluxe click here...

Feedback and Announcements in Client Area

Following on from the recent introduction to the new 'changelog', and the 'feedback portal', these have now both been made accessible directly from our client area for ease-of-access. 

Both are still accessible via their own URL's as before...

If selected from our client area directly, you are automatically signed in allowing you to submit features and feedback requests with the need to sign-up separately. 


Feature Requests:

Feedback Portal now Added!

We have now introduced a new feedback portal, allowing you to add new feature requests and bug reports (such as within our client area, and more!).

Do you feel we have a missing feature or some functionality that would be incredible to be added to your hosting platform?

You can now request a new feature, and those which are most voted for will be taken into consideration for a future update 😎 

Our feedback portal can be found here... 

Want a new feature to be added? You can view previous requests, and request new features directly from our chat widget!

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