Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks with the new PHP X-Ray - now available!

When a website or application feels like its 'slow performing', the common assumption is that its a 'server issue', whereas in many cases the bottleneck in terms of performance can be within the application / script itself.

When a website does slow down, there can be issues within the code which traditionally have been difficult to diagnose. We are now proud to announce that we offer 'PHP X-Ray' to allow you to generate reports for your sites giving you a deep insight into performance-related issues.

PHP X-Ray, included with all of our Shared / Reseller and Premium Hosting plans, provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks within your PHP applications or WordPress installations. If a site has sluggish plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, the X-Ray tool helps pinpoint the underlying problem.

A guide has now been published in our helpdesk to explain how to make full use of the new X-Ray functionality…


Please note that this has been added to all accounts free of charge

PHP Mail - now disabled on all shared

Over the past few months, we have noticed a large increase in outbound SPAM activity, which has unfortunately led to a number of our IP addresses and subnets getting listed on RBL's.

As such, we have made the decision to disable PHPMail() entirely across our network, restricting relays via SMTP only.

Please note, that all PHP scripts, or applications should be relaying through the SMTP protocol, and not PHPMail().

This ensures that your messages are relayed through our premium delivery solution, MailChannels without additional cost. This ensures your mail reaches the recipient, without risk of the messages being rejected on the basis of the RBL listings / IP blacklists.

This change has been made effective immediately, and was essential for us to improve our overall network IP reputation.

Client Area UI Overhall - cPanel

We have made some significant improvements to our client area surrounding cPanel and reseller services.


You will now see simplified login controls and access to the more frequently used sections of your service.

In addition to this, you are now able to control almost every aspect of your main cPanel account directly from our client area…


We have also added back the 'Boost' functionality…


Premium Hosting - Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of our Premium Hosting plans, which are available immediately for purchase and re-sale.

Our Premium plans boast incredibly powerful CPU's, backed by pure Samsung NVMe RAID storage.

Fully PCI-Compliant, our Premium plans are ideal as an upgrade for any client who wishes to host WooCommerce or Magento stores.

We are also proud to include the incredible 'WordPress Toolkit' with all plans.

For more information, click below…


If you are a 'Brixly Elite' reseller, please ensure you have added the product range to your website for clients to purchase.

Elastic Cloud - Package Changes

We have made some considerable changes to our Elastic Cloud range of products, reducing availability to only a single, larger plan.

This is due to the fact the Elastic Cloud is generally designed for fewer quantity, larger scale websites.

For existing clients who are using the Elastic Cloud plans, please note that your account will remain unaffected.

A further announcement will be made in regards to the release of our 'Premium' tier of hosting plans, which are an ideal replacement to those plans which were previously available on the Elastic Cloud.

For anyone using our 'Elite Module' for reselling the Elastic Cloud, please ensure you have removed those plans which are no longer applicable from your website (and update the pricing for the plan which remains).

WordPress Manager - Now Available

We have added a full management solution for WordPress to our client area, which allows you to manage all of your WordPress installations spanning multiple servers and services, from a single interface.

This functionality is available immediately to all clients and is completely free of charge.

You can access the functionality from within our client area, by navigating to…

Services -> WordPress Manager

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