Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals!

This year, we have decided to offer some amazing offers as part of the all-famous Black Friday period (which seems to have gone from a single day to a seasonal period over the recent years!).

Along with this, we have made some small improvements to the website, including a clearer menu / navigation through our product range!


Shared Hosting£1 for the first 3 months!
Reseller Hosting£1 for the first 3 months!
Premium Hosting£1 for the first 3 months!
Email Hosting and Collaboration50% off for the first 3 months!
VPS Servers75% off the first month!
Dedicated Servers20% off the first month!

WHMCS Licence Pricing

We have now published our pricing revisions following the recent cost increases from WHMCS. These changes are now live, and will be applicable with immediate effect. 

Please note, that the WHMCS 'Starter' licence is no longer available via WHMCS directly (the lowest licence they provide is the 'Plus' licence at $18.95).

We have continued to offer the 'Starter' tier exclusively to our clients, with no price increases applicable. 

Domain Reseller - Automatic Discount

We are pleased to announce an update to our Domain Reseller module, which now allows our resellers to automatically benefit from a 10% discount off all domain registrations and transfers. 

This has been applied to all accounts automatically for new registrations and renewals, which are made directly via the API / module only. 

DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting - Plan Changes

We have made some changes to our DirectAdmin Reseller tiers, including the addition of a new hosting plan.

We now have 3 tiers of reseller hosting for DirectAdmin, making this an incredibly cost-effective yet robust alternative to cPanel. 

Reseller Entry25 Accounts50GB SSD £9.95/m
Reseller Pro100 AccountsUnlimited SSD£19.95/m
Reseller Unlimited250 AccountsUnlimited SSD£29.95/m

The pricing changes are effective immediately for new sales.

Please note that existing clients packages are not being updated, although upgrades/downgrades will be at the new pricing rates. 

VAT Changes

We have made some revisions to the way in which we charge VAT, following additional advice from our Solicitors / Accountants. 

Please note in cases where you are inside the UK, the changes will not affect you, and our processes remain the same as before.

The following will now be applied automatically when invoiced moving forward...

Inside of the UK:

- Any sales made inside of the UK will be charged at the VAT rate of 20%
- A VAT number can be added to your account, however, VAT will still be applicable on invoices raised
- All sales are assumed on the basis of B2B

Outside of the UK:

- Any sales made outside of the UK will not be charged VAT and will be instead charged a flat rate of 0%
- All sales will be assumed as B2B for transactions made outside of the UK
- Reverse charge may be applicable to those responsible for VAT in their governing countries, although this falls outside of our remit in terms of advice

No changes are required by any clients - this is for informational purposes only.

All changes are applied immediately, and automatically for all future invoices. 

Domain Pricing Revisions

We have made a number of changes and improvements to our domain handling, which includes improved control for non-UK domains from within our client area. 

Please note we have also revised our pricing overall, with a large number of reductions (and in some cases, increases) to the pricing tiers to be inline with any increased costs from our upstream providers.