WordPress Toolkit for cPanel - Now released!

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the WordPress Toolkit for cPanel, available immediately on all cPanel servers.

Please note that the free tier is available immediately, with plans to introduce the WordPress Toolkit Deluxe within the next few days, as it requires some implementation and development work on our end. 

The following features are included free of charge for all accounts...

To join in the discussion regarding the upcoming WordPress Toolkit Deluxe click here...


Feedback Portal now Added!

We have now introduced a new feedback portal, allowing you to add new feature requests and bug reports (such as within our client area, and more!).

Do you feel we have a missing feature or some functionality that would be incredible to be added to your hosting platform?

You can now request a new feature, and those which are most voted for will be taken into consideration for a future update 😎 

Our feedback portal can be found here...


Want a new feature to be added? You can view previous requests, and request new features directly from our chat widget!

Improved Changelog - now with notifications!

Taking on board some of our recent feedback, we have decided to completely revamp our changelog / release updates page with the ability to 'subscribe' to changes!

You will now also notice that our changelog conveniently shows right in our messenger / chat on our website and client area, making it incredibly easy to keep track of changes and improvements to our service. 

Pricing Changes - Pro 150 and Pro 250

Due to the recent changes to the cPanel licence pricing (in effect from January 2021), we have decided to increase both our 150 and 250 plan pricing inline with those changes.


Please note that clients already paying annually will not be affected until renewal, which will be at the revised amount.

Clients on monthly billing for the Pro 150 or Pro 250 plans will have their plans adjusted accordingly within the next few days, affective from the next renewal date.

MultiPHP Editor now Added

We are pleased to confirm that we have now added the MultiPHP Manager to all shared / reseller services.

This is in line with the recent changes where Bolt-Cache was removed, which allowed you to set a PHP version by subdomain / domain.

The PHP Selector is still the preferred functionality, and if you are fine to set the PHP Version 'account wide', then you can continue to do so using the PHP Selector functionality.

If you require per-domain PHP versions, then you are able to set the PHP Version via the MultiPHP Manager.

QUIC.cloud CDN - Now available!

QUIC.cloud is the first and only content delivery network with the ability to cache dynamic WordPress pages. Using QUIC as the transfer protocol, QUIC.cloud will make your website faster and more secure than the competition.

QUIC.cloud greatly reduces transmission time to all of your site’s visitors, no matter where they live. Your website is potentially located across the globe from its visitors, but with QUIC.cloud, your content is cached on servers all around the world. When a visitor requests content from your site, a copy is served from the visitor’s nearest server location. By transmitting both static and dynamic content from the closest server, instead of from the main site server, QUIC.cloud dramatically speeds up your site.

Currently, the only CMS QUIC.cloud works with is WordPress.

Please Note: QUIC.cloud is still in its beta stage, and is not recommended for use in production environments.

All of our servers are now compatible with the QUIC.cloud service as standard, which can be enabled within the Litespeed Cache plugin for WordPress.

Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks with the new PHP X-Ray - now available!

When a website or application feels like its 'slow performing', the common assumption is that its a 'server issue', whereas in many cases the bottleneck in terms of performance can be within the application / script itself.

When a website does slow down, there can be issues within the code which traditionally have been difficult to diagnose. We are now proud to announce that we offer 'PHP X-Ray' to allow you to generate reports for your sites giving you a deep insight into performance-related issues.

PHP X-Ray, included with all of our Shared / Reseller and Premium Hosting plans, provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks within your PHP applications or WordPress installations. If a site has sluggish plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, the X-Ray tool helps pinpoint the underlying problem.

A guide has now been published in our helpdesk to explain how to make full use of the new X-Ray functionality…


Please note that this has been added to all accounts free of charge

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