Brixly Central - Centralised Account Management for Resellers

We are incredibly pleased to confirm we have given our much-loved 'Brixly Central' a complete makeover, with some incredible enhancements and new tools to improve centralised management of your hosting accounts!

For those of you who haven't had the benefit of using the Brixly Central section of our client area just yet, this is a purpose-built facility that has been designed to simplify the management of either a single reseller account or multiple reseller accounts, potentially spanning multiple data centres or control panels. 

To simplify - it's a clear and central view into all of your hosting accounts, regardless of how many reseller accounts you have with us!

We are incredibly proud of the changes we have introduced over the past few days! We think it's looking incredible! 

  • Vastly improved user interface
  • One-Click Login
  • Edit username / domain for an account
  • Resource Boost+ for cPanel and DirectAdmin
  • Purchase Workspace for any account

Improved User Interface

As you can see from the above, we have now provided a single interface, showing you your total number of hosting accounts, total amount of disk space, and the total number of 'inodes' (or, files!). In addition, we also now show you if there are any active abuse cases raised against any of those accounts...

In addition, we now show a breakdown of hosting accounts in each 'location' (for those of you unaware, we sell reseller hosting services in the UK, USA, Germany and Singapore). The screen shows a clear 'count' of hosting accounts in each location...

Note: Did you know? You are able to sell hosting accounts in multiple countries by purchasing a reseller plan in your preferred locations?

Next, you are able to see the core of the solution - your hosting accounts list...

From here, you can see that we provide the core information required for the account, such as its location, the server the account is hosted on (and the IP address allocated to that account), along with some usage statistics, such as the storage quota. 

Above, you can see the quota highlighted in red, which is an indication the usage exceeds the 'recommended' amount (at which point, its likely its in breach of fair usage terms). 

You also have the facility to search the accounts, as well as 'sort' by each of the table columns (for example, sort by the account quota / size, or sort by server name). 

You can also see the accounts 'Status' (whether or not the account is currently in a suspended state, along with the suspension reason). 

One-Click Login

We have now added a 'one click' login to any of the accounts, which is supported both on DirectAdmin and cPanel. To login to any of the hosting accounts, click 'Manage', then select 'Login to Control Panel' from the menu provided...

In addition, you can also click the 'logo' on the left hand side of the account, which performs the same action. 

Purchase Resource Boost+

We are very pleased to announce that we now support Resource Boost+ purchases for cPanel and DirectAdmin!

For many months, this functionality has only been available to those using cPanel, whereas the new centralised interface has given us the ability to expand this offering to those making use of DirectAdmin. 

To purchase a Resource Boost+ for any cPanel or DirectAdmin account, first select 'Manage', then select 'Purchase Resource Boost+' from the menu...

For more information on our Resource Boost+ service, click here.

Purchase Brixly Workspace (plus Automated Migration!)

We have now added a new option to the Central Manager, allowing you to purchase Brixly Workspace plans for any of the accounts with a single click! 

In addition, we have built an automated background process that migrates the contents of your accounts mailboxes over to the new platform!

For more information on Brixly Workspace, click here

Edit an Accounts Username or Domain

For any of you who have requested these changes through support, you will be aware that modification of an account is intentionally restricted in your WHM. There are a number of security reasons behind this, however, to circumvent that we have now provided you with a facility to make these changes straight from our client area!

You are now able to modify the username or the domain name for any particular account on cPanel (DirectAdmin isn't yet available, but will be available as soon as possible!). 

To modify the username or domain of any cPanel account, click the 'Manage' option, then select 'Edit Username / Domain' from the provided menu...

Once you have selected this option, you will be presented with the following screen, which allows you to make the required changes to the account...

We are just getting started! 

If you have any questions about the new functionality, feel free to reach out to us on!

Important AutoSSL / SSL Certificate Changes

We are pleased to announce we have now rolled out some significant changes and improvements to the way in which SSL certificates are handled. 

Until now, our servers across the board have been using 'Sectigo' for SSL issuance by default, however, over time this has become somewhat of a 'mixed bag', with some servers running LetsEncrypt and others still running Sectigo!

The reason for this is that both solutions have their own benefits and their own limitations. For example, LetsEncrypt has incredibly 'strict' rate-limiting, whereas Sectigo has no rate limits at all. Similarly, LetsEncrypt supports wildcards, whereas Sectigo does not!

To combat this, we have decided to change things slightly, so that you are able to benefit from both solutions simultaneously. 

Please note: SSL Certificates installed through AutoSSL are powered by Sectigo, which provides you with full 256-bit encryption, similarly to the LetsEncrypt solution. 

Sectigo is suitable for almost all sites and domains, however, Sectigo does have certain restrictions and limitations in the types of SSL certificates that can be installed.  

LetsEncrypt however, also offers you additional functionality, such as the ability to support wildcard coverage, and also supports redirection tracing which can be simpler for some sites hosted behind Cloudflare, or other CDNs / proxy services. 

Unfortunately, citizens from the countries listed below cannot obtain any Sectigo SSL certificates due to US Export restriction laws:

  • Afghanistan
  • Cuba
  • Eritrea
  • Guinea
  • Iran
  • Liberia
  • North Korea
  • North Cyprus
  • Sudan
  • Sierra Leone
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Zimbabwe

However, if you do require SSL coverage for these domains / TLD's, then you are able to install an SSL certificate via LetsEncrypt, which does not have the same exclusions.

The introduction of LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates

As outlined above, Sectigo SSL certificates offer optimal coverage, completely automatically and free of charge. In addition, they also do not 'rate limit' requests, making it an ideal solution for us as shared hosting providers.

LetsEncrypt however, also offers you additional functionality, such as the ability to support wildcard coverage, and also supports redirection tracing which can be simpler for some sites hosted behind Cloudflare, or other CDNs / proxy services. 

If your use-case/scenario requires a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate, then we now provide you with the ability to install a free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate from within cPanel...

cPanel -> Let's Encrypt™ SSL 

We have provided a full guide in our knowledgebase of how to install LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for your website / domains...

Will I need to do anything?

In most cases, absolutely no changes are required.

However, if you do require 'wildcard' coverage (and if you are unsure of what this is, the chances are you aren't using it!), then we would recommend installing a new SSL certificate via the articles outlined above. 

In addition, if your domains are included in the list of Comodo's banned countries outlined above, then you would need to install a new SSL certificate via the process outlined in the articles also. 

In short, if you do not use wildcard domains, and you also do not have domains from the country list above, then no changes are required, and this can likely be ignored. 

Important: Credit / Debit Card Processing Changes

Until now, we have accepted credit and debit card payments through our partners at WorldPay, using a facility called 'FuturePay Agreements'. 

Whilst we have built a fantastic, long-standing relationship with WorldPay, we do feel their solution is somewhat outdated and restricted in a number of ways causing complications in areas which we completely understand, shouldn't be complex!

As such, we have partnered with Stripe as our new merchant provider, who will handle credit and debit card payments moving forward. 

This brings a wealth of benefits to you as a client, upfront and foremost a significantly more intuitive and self-managed approach to making payments. 

If you have previously paid via WorldPay, to avoid any potential disruption to service we would strongly encourage that you login to our client area, and add a new card to your account with us. In addition, we would also recommend that you remove any previous WorldPay FuturePay agreements also.

This can now be entirely managed from our client area...

Client Area -> Billing -> Payment Methods

Once you have done this, it is essential that you also change your 'Default Payment Method', which will be applicable for all future invoices / services and renewals. This should now be set to the new card.

To do this, you will need to edit the 'Payment Method' set against your 'Profile'...

From the dropdown provided, ensure you have selected the appropriate option (if paying via Credit / Debit Card, select that option above). 

Once you have done the above, all future payments will be taken from the new card, as opposed to the WorldPay FuturePay agreement. 

Whilst we are not phasing out WorldPay entirely at this stage, we may do so within a few weeks. As such, the steps above are recommended as soon as possible to ensure that invoices continue to be paid. 

Please note: PayPal payments and Direct Debit Payments (paid via GoCardless) are not affected. This is only applicable if you pay via WorldPay / Credit / Debit Card. 

If you have any questions in relation to the above, feel free to reach out to our sales and billing team directly at for more assistance. 

Memcached release for all cPanel Reseller Servers

We have just pushed an update out to allow all customers using our cPanel Reseller platform to make use of Memcached for object caching with LiteSpeed.

Previously there were some concerns about using Memcached across our infrastructure due to users data being exposed, however through LSMCD and SASL these issues have been alleviated and we're happy to make this available for all of our cPanel customers.

More information about setting this up can be found within the article below:

Improved Account Verification Process

We have now introduced an automated verification process for orders which have been flagged as higher-risk. 

Previously, we were capturing verification through a manual review process, however, to speed up this process we have now added automated verification to our checkout process, through a custom integration with Stripe Identity.

This has allowed us to introduce a fully automated ID and document verification process, allowing flagged orders to be reviewed in just a few minutes. 

Please note that if you already have an active service, this change will not be applicable to you, and will not be required. 

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals!

This year, we have decided to offer some amazing offers as part of the all-famous Black Friday period (which seems to have gone from a single day to a seasonal period over the recent years!).

Along with this, we have made some small improvements to the website, including a clearer menu / navigation through our product range!


Shared Hosting£1 for the first 3 months!
Reseller Hosting£1 for the first 3 months!
Premium Hosting£1 for the first 3 months!
Email Hosting and Collaboration50% off for the first 3 months!
VPS Servers75% off the first month!
Dedicated Servers20% off the first month!

Reseller Domain Pricing

Hey All!

Just a little feature release today! From the client area, under "Reseller Tools" you can now view and export a list of Domain Extension / TLD prices.

After a few requests, we decided to give you access to our full list of domain extensions and current prices from a handy interface. You can search, sort for any extension. Alternatively, you can export the whole list in a variety of formats to your favourite file editor for manipulation.

The "Domain Pricing" interface is available under "Reseller Tools" on the navigation bar in the client area.

Do raise a support ticket or send us a message on chat if you have any queries!

Email Hosting with NextCloud - Now available!

Hey all!

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know we have now released our incredible Email Hosting, complete with NextCloud and CrossBox!. In addition, we are offering a huge 50% discount off your first 3 months!

Powerful email hosting with the stunning CrossBox collaboration suite, complete with NextCloud shared file storage. Our email hosting solution has been designed to allow you to break free from the usual ‘per-user' charging model of email hosting, allowing your business the freedom to host multiple email addresses under a single plan.

With a generous storage quota and access to the remarkable CrossBox collaboration suite, our email hosting is the ideal email hosting solution for your business.

More information can be found on the following page of our main website...

Our Email Hosting is an ideal replacement to Microsoft Exchange or Google Mail, with a complete suite of collaboration tools to improve the efficiency of the day-to-day running of your business.

Complete with NextCloud and CrossBox, our Email Hosting is beautiful, intuitive and powerful – this is more than just mail.

🚀 CrossBox Webmail Client

🚀 NextCloud File Storage

🚀 MailChannels Inbound SPAM Protection

🚀 MailChannels Outbound SPAM Protection

🚀 No 'Per-User' Costs

🚀 Simple, automated migration

For now, thank you all for your continued support! As ever, it's hugely appreciated, and we can't wait to see your own businesses grow on the new platform!

To get 50% off your first 3 months use the following code in the checkout!


Dennis and the Team

Germany - New DNS Cluster / Nameservers

For the last few years, our cPanel servers located in Germany have shared DNS Clusters with the servers in the UK. 

However, due to the latency between the two locations, and the potential for DNS conflicts for those with services in both the UK and Germany, we have now released a new set of nameservers specifically for our cPanel servers in Germany.

The following article has now been updated to include the new nameservers...

cPanel - ( (

Please note, that all of our Germany cPanel servers now synchronize DNS records to the above nameservers. However, for those using ns1 / they are currently being synced also.

As such, no DNS changes are required, however, it is advised that you instead switch your nameservers and glue records to those above. 

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