Domain Auto Renewals - Important Update

Please note, that until now all domains purchased through us have had the default status for Auto Renewals set to 'Enabled', meaning that we would automatically invoice for domains before expiry.

We have now changed this setting so that the default is now 'Disabled'. This means that by default, all domains purchased from this point forward, will not automatically be set to auto-renew. 

You are still able to enable the auto-renewal for any domain from within our client area. You are also still able to see an overview of the domains 'auto renewal' status from within the 'Domains -> My Domains' screen, similar to the following...

To manage the auto-renewal status for a domain, simply select the domain, then go to 'Auto-Renew' from the right-hand menu...

From here, you can manage the auto-renewal status for a particular domain...

If the flag is set to 'On', then an invoice will be raised automatically prior to renewal. 

What was the reason for the change?

Many of the domains sold through our systems are resold through our 'Domain Reseller' module for WHMCS. 

However, a number of clients have quite rightly raised that regardless of whether a domain is renewed via the API, we still raise a renewal for the domain automatically due to the above setting, rather than 'selectively' based on whether we receive a renewal request via the API. 

As such, the change ensures that you have far greater control over the renewal status of domains, with a more explicit action to set the flag. 

How does this affect the domain reseller module?

As mentioned above, before this change we would automatically raise invoices for all domains, rather than those explicitly renewed through the API. 

Now, the domain renewals take place only at the point your clients opt to renew via your own WHMCS, rather than us 'presuming' all should renew automatically. 

You can also provide your clients with the ability to manage their domain auto-renewal status from within your own client area using WHMCS. 

Does this affect existing domains registered with Brixly?

No. Existing domains have not been affected by the change. Any domains which previously had the auto-renewal set to Enabled will remain enabled (and vice-versa). 

The change is only applicable to new registrations from the point of this post.