Firewall Manager - Unblock IP Address now Live

Due to popular demand through our feedback portal, we have now added a 'Firewall Manager' to our client area allowing you to whitelist IP addresses from BitNinja. 

The original feature request can be found here...

The new functionality can now be found within the following menu items...

Client Area -> Main Menu -> Firewall Manager
Client Area -> Main Menu -> Support -> Unblock an IP Address

Firewall Manager: 

To whitelist an IP Address, simply enter the IP address in the provided field, and also provide a brief explanation as to why the IP address needs to be whitelisted. 

Once you click 'Whitelist IP Address', the IP address will be whitelisted immediately. 

Please note, you are only able to whitelist a maximum of 10 IP addresses.  

The following help article has been added in relation to the new functionality...