Important: Credit / Debit Card Processing Changes - Update

First and foremost, the team and I would love to wish you an amazing Christmas, and if we aren't in touch before then, an incredible new year!

We wanted to provide you with an important update that affects any credit/debit card payments that were previously being paid via WorldPay FuturePay agreements. We know it's a chaotic period, but we really would appreciate your time to review the rest of this email, to ensure any changes required have been made to avoid any disruption to your hosting facilities.

Until now, we have accepted credit and debit card payments through our partners at WorldPay, using a facility called 'FuturePay Agreements'. Whilst we have built a fantastic, long-standing relationship with WorldPay, we do feel their solution is somewhat outdated and restricted in a number of ways causing complications in areas which we completely understand, shouldn't be complex!

As such, we have partnered with Stripe as our new merchant provider, who will handle credit and debit card payments moving forward.

This brings a wealth of benefits to you as a client, upfront and foremost a significantly more intuitive and self-managed approach to making payments.

Around 2 weeks ago, we posted an update to inform clients that we were planning to phase out our previous payment gateway...

We have made the decision since evaluating Stripe over the past few weeks that its capabilities from a payment processing perspective have some significant advantages to those presented with the WorldPay Futurepay agreements we have used for some time.

As such, we have gone ahead and updated all accounts and services which were using the WorldPay FuturePay agreements for Credit / Debit card payments, to the new card gateway.

If you have previously paid via WorldPay, to avoid any potential disruption to service we would strongly encourage that you login to our client area, and add a new card to your account with us. In addition, we would also recommend that you remove any previous WorldPay FuturePay agreements also.

We will no longer be accepting payments via WorldPay, and therefore any previous FuturePay agreements will be no longer in use.

This can now be entirely managed from our client area...

Client Area -> Billing -> Payment Methods

Once you have done this, it is essential that you also change your 'Default Payment Method', which will be applicable for all future invoices / services and renewals. This should now be set to the new card.

To do this, you will need to edit the 'Payment Method' set against your 'Profile'...

From the dropdown provided, ensure you have selected the appropriate option (if paying via Credit / Debit Card, select that option above).

Once you have done the above, all future payments will be taken from the new card, as opposed to the WorldPay FuturePay agreement.

Please note: PayPal payments and Direct Debit Payments (paid via GoCardless) are not affected. This is only applicable if you pay via WorldPay / Credit / Debit Card.

If you have any questions in relation to the above, feel free to reach out to our sales and billing team directly at for more assistance.

Lastly, and most importantly, keep safe throughout the Christmas period, but enjoy every minute!

Warmest regards,

Dennis Nind, Brixly