Status Page Improvements (+ Incident Notifications)

We have made some important changes and improvements to our status page, which includes a number of benefits...

Real-time status updates

Our status page now shows in real-time if a service is offline or online, based on our own monitoring facilities built in-house. The endpoint being monitored on all servers is a WordPress installation, which is checked every 10 seconds for outages. 

If an outage is present, the related service/component will be marked accordingly (for example, as 'Partial Outage' if it appears to be down via the automatic checks).


We have now built our own custom processes to deal with outages and alerts. Previously, we had the ability to 'subscribe' to incidents for a particular component or server, however, this proved ineffective as those who had not yet subscribed, would not be notified. This concept was flawed, so we have decided to build our own solution.

Now, if we raise an incident for a particular server, all clients on that server will be informed automatically, and near-instantly. In addition, you will receive notifications of updates to a particular incident, ensuring you are in the loop of any maintenance work or outages which are being worked on by the team. 

The email address used will be the primary email address of the Brixly account that owns that particular service.