Support System Overhaul - Now live

We have been undergoing a process of migrating our support system, and all historical data over to an alternative platform, FreshDesk. 

We are pleased to confirm that we have now completed that process, and the new support platform is now live. 

In terms of raising tickets, you must still continue to raise tickets directly from our client area, by logging in to as you would have previously. 

You are also able to email for any technical enquiries or for any sales / billing related enquiries, as before. 

Essentially, nothing has changed for clients and our support processes are almost identical to what you are already used to. The changes however have been implemented to improve internal support team efficiency.

We are aware of a small number of cases, whereby some historical tickets are either missing, or some parts / messages within those tickets are missing. We do also have access internally to the old support system, so if required have historical messages and notes where required.