VAT Changes

We have made some revisions to the way in which we charge VAT, following additional advice from our Solicitors / Accountants. 

Please note in cases where you are inside the UK, the changes will not affect you, and our processes remain the same as before.

The following will now be applied automatically when invoiced moving forward...

Inside of the UK:

- Any sales made inside of the UK will be charged at the VAT rate of 20%
- A VAT number can be added to your account, however, VAT will still be applicable on invoices raised
- All sales are assumed on the basis of B2B

Outside of the UK:

- Any sales made outside of the UK will not be charged VAT and will be instead charged a flat rate of 0%
- All sales will be assumed as B2B for transactions made outside of the UK
- Reverse charge may be applicable to those responsible for VAT in their governing countries, although this falls outside of our remit in terms of advice

No changes are required by any clients - this is for informational purposes only.

All changes are applied immediately, and automatically for all future invoices.